Project: Aeristech

Aeristech Electric Supercharger

  • Project Date:Feb 2017
  • Location:Coventry, UK
  • Value:£NA
  • Categories:Vehicle components, high power

Aeristech’s technology makes possible the world’s fastest accelerating and most energy dense permanent magnet variable speed electric motors. Such high speed motors have tremendous potential wherever power, power density or speed of response is needed.


Accelerating from idle to full RPM in a fraction of a second requires power, big power! And herein lay the problem, the Aeristech system pushed the technology beyond the capabilities of ‘conventional’ supercapacitors, the modules were too big, too bulky and ultimately too expensive.


The project required a reevaluation of supercapacitor performance, needing;

  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Ultra high power-density (kW/kg) for short periods of time
  • Repeated cycling without recharge
  • High dynamic efficiency
  • Low unit costs