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Allotrope Energy is a leading developer of high -rate battery materials. Through years of development, we've made a key breakthrough in fast -charging carbon anodes allowing us to introduce the lithium -ion hybrid family of batteries whilst also demonstrating key improvements in the charging time of more traditional lithium -ion chemistry.

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Under the pressures of climate change, the necessity of clean air, social demands and government policy we’re seeing a global shift to electrification. From micro -mobility to mass transport systems all the way to battery -backed grid buffers, the need to lower emissions is the stated ambition of almost every country worldwide.

" The introduction of the lithium -ion hybrids has opened the door for many of our partners to develop the applications which will have a lasting effect on our world. Clean air is a major focus, several groups are targeting urban environments with applications like fast -charging mobility, buses, freight and vehicles. "
" Get in contact if you'd like to discuss your own applications."

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If you'd like to discuss our technology email us at info@allotrope.energy

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Big news coming in Apr 2023 - Stay tuned for more soon.


Ion Hybrids for Electric Cars ?

Could we use lithium -ion hybrids to make a quick charging electric car?


a shift to ion -hyrbid ?

Head-to-head, sometimes an ion -hybrid makes more sense than an ion -battery


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Li -Hybrid Applications

The path to a cleaner world

Urban Mobility

Allotrope Energy is working with some of the leading developers of urban mobility systems such as busses, freight and rail travel


The move to decarbonise our air transport is one of the most challenging areas of sustainable transport. Allotrope is engaged with a number of leading agencies on this topic


Hybrid vehicles are expected to grow to 50% of global car sales by 2030. We work with some of the top names in various levels of automotive hybridisation.

Grid Infrastructure

Fast charging applications require large current. To protect fragile grid systems Allotrope is current working on several levels of grid buffers, including battery-backed charge-points.

Mopeds / Micro Mobility

100m mopeds and micro -mobility systems are sold each year. Working with Mahle Powertrain we can now offer an EV alterative which charges as fast as the petrol alternatives.

Electric Vehicles

From supercapacitor / battery hybridisation to lithium -ion capacitor powered ultra-fast charging electric cars, Allotrope is current working on some world -changing concepts.